December 10, 2009

Employers of the Year's Worst Bosses Need Ombuds Programs

In the first ever contest of its kind, a panel of workplace experts assembled by eBossWatch selected and ranked the 25 Worst Bosses of 2009 who made headlines across the country and abroad. The list include restaurant managers, government administrators, an NFL head coach, and a Congressional candidate. Only one of the entities had an Organizational Ombuds.

Ranked number six on the list was Robert Cobb, former inspector general for NASA. Cobb resigned in April after three US senators asked President Obama to fire Cobb for creating a hostile work environment and mistreating subordinates. NASA policy mandates cooperation between the Ombuds and Inspector General, so it's probably a good thing Cobb is gone. The other 24 organizations on the list should really consider an effective Ombuds program. Even if the offenders have been terminated, their subordinates need reassurance that the problem will not be repeated and need a resource for future problems. (
Worst Bosses of 2009; NASA Policy Directive NPD 2025.1A.)

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