January 06, 2010

Advising Visitors Stuck in Their Job

Organizational Ombuds routinely counsel employees unhappy about some aspect of their work. Options for resolution generally range from doing nothing to quitting. Most of the more attractive options lie between and include informal and formal attempts to address the causes of dissatisfaction. In many cases, the employee stays in their position. An article in the US News & World Report summarizes some tactics for those who decide to try and cope in an unpleasant job.
  • Figure out what's changed -- examine the reason for dissatisfaction as a first step toward changing the situation;
  • Start a research project -- alter your routine to see whether changes have a positive effect;
  • Start with gratitude -- recognize the benefits of your position;
  • Look around the office -- connect with coworkers to make positive changes;
  • Help colleagues with three things -- give feedback to alleviate feelings of anonymity, irrelevance, and lack of success.
(US News & World Report.)

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