January 22, 2010

Ombuds as Solution to the Financial Meltdown

John Zinsser, an experienced Ombuds practitioner and consultant, also writes the Conflict Benefit Blog. His latest post asserts that Organizational Ombuds are an effective tool to provide oversight and improvement for the financial services sector.
Programs designed to current ombuds profession standards could be fully operational in the investment community in a matter of months, providing significant cost savings, superior creative problem-solving, and expanded communications — the essential attributes for financial firms to overcome the current macro and micro challenges they face. As these improvements become visible to investors, along with the heightened compliance and increased transparency brought about by ombuds activity, the essential process of rebuilding trust in the financial services community via accountability, in the largest sense of the word, can begin.

Zinsser is a thoughtful, diligent and well-connected advocate for Organizational Ombuds. Hopefully his suggestions will find a receptive audience among the policymakers that are already considering remedies for the financial crisis. (Conflict Benefit Blog.)

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