April 29, 2014

HUBrussel Ombuds Serve Students on Four Campuses

Hogeschool-Universiteit Brussel has created an Ombuds Service to serve nearly 20,000 students at four campuses. The European university which was created in 2007 by the merger of European University College Brussels, Vlekho, HONIM and the Catholic University of Brussels. The HUBrussel Ombuds Service works only with students having issues around final exams and thus is available for three weeks in June.

The website explains:
The Ombuds Service acts as a mediator between the school and the student in the event of problems regarding the provision of education, the organisation of education and the exams.
The Ombuds Service is the responsibility of the Centre for Student Counseling and Facilities. Confidentiality is guaranteed at all times. The information you provide us with about a lecturer will only be discussed with the lecturer with your explicit consent, if possible anonymously.
There are five members of the HUBrussel Ombuds Service: Maarten Kindt; Leen De Wolf; Marc Ophalvens; Erica Mechelmans; and Martine Van Poucke, Head of Student Services and Exam Ombuds. (HUB Ombuds.)

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