April 08, 2015

Administrative Conference of the U.S. Issues RFP for Federal Ombuds Study

ACUS, the independent agency that promotes improvements in the efficiency, adequacy, and fairness of federal procedures, is seeking a consultant or consultants to undertake a research project that will study procedures and best practices related to the use of Ombuds. The completed study should include consideration: definitional issues; agency practices; legal parameters; and potential agency recommendations. 

According to the RFP: 
The Conference seeks proposals to study the current state of ombuds in the United States Government. The study should: (1) identify which agencies currently make use of ombuds and the scope of ombuds activities; (2) evaluate the activities of ombuds that have improved agency dispute resolution or program functions; (3) provide updated best practices for the establishment, organization, and operation of ombuds offices; and (4) recommend situations in which expanded use of ombuds may benefit agencies. A detailed scope of work follows, but the Conference encourages prospective consultants to comment on the scope of work in their project proposals and identify/include any related issues or topics that the Conference may wish to consider incorporating into this project.
Proposals are due on May 11, 2015.  (ACUS RFP: Ombuds.)

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