April 15, 2015

International Ombudsman Association Publishes 2014 Annual Report

On the eve of its tenth annual conference, IOA has released a report on its activities in 2014.  In her forward, IOA President Anamaris Cousins Price said, the year was "filled with changes and transitions, reevaluations, commitments and, yes, progress!" The report also outlines IOA's strategic plans and the work of its several standing committees.

According to the report, the organization saw significant progress in two areas: 
Membership Interests and Current Affairs 
  • To ensure the association’s consistent leadership and accountability for these various initiatives, we have created job descriptions for all of the committees that clearly outline their scope of work, authority and composition. We believe this will make it easier for members to decide where to volunteer their energy and determine the required levels of commitment. 
  • Approved the formation of three new committees: Volunteer Coordination; Professional Standards and Ethics; and Mentoring Program. 
Association Governance and Oversight 
  • Addressed membership needs and concerns, while taking a stand regarding mandatory reporting and confidentiality by creating a task force charged with developing recommendations with respect to policy, laws, and regulations related to Title IX and other laws in the United States that impact the ability of ombudsmen to be confidential resources and adhere to IOA Standards of Practice.  
A preliminary financial summary indicated that the association operated at a slight loss (equal to 6.2% of total income) for the second year in a row.  (IOA 2014 Annual Report.)

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