September 10, 2007

Duke Gains Ombuds for Students

Duke University has appointed John Blackshear as its first ombudsperson for students. The impetus for creating the job grew out of discussions with several campus groups, including the President’s Council on Black Affairs, the Graduate and Professional Student Council and Duke Student Government. Blackshear was selected because of his professional experience of working with students, and his commitment to independence and alternative dispute resolution strategies. "Probably the most important role I’ll play is the empathetic ear,” said Blackshear. Because the appointment is part-time and for one year only, Blackshear will continue as Clinical Director of Duke’s Academic Resource Center and the Director of Clinical Services at Therapeutic Strategies, Inc., in Garner, NC. (Duke News; Duke Student Ombuds Office.)

(Prior post: Provost Recommends Ombuds for Duke.)

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