February 19, 2008

How Systems Resist Change

Ombuds regularly learn of systemic problems and urge organizational changes. Vickie Pynchon, who writes the Settle It Now negotiation blog, is sharing thoughts on Ken Cloke's presentation to the Founding Congress of Mediators Beyond Borders on 12 Ways Systems Resist Change. Cloke categorizes resistance in the following categories:
  1. Marginalization;
  2. Negative Framing;
  3. Exaggeration;
  4. Personalization;
  5. Sentimentalization;
  6. Seduction;
  7. Alignment;
  8. Legitimization;
  9. Simplification;
  10. False Polarization;
  11. Selective Repression;
  12. Double Binds.
This is an excellent framework for ombuds to consider. (Settle It Now.)

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