May 20, 2008

Colorado U Honors Ombuds Office Administrative Assistant

Administrative assistant Melinda Canino is the first person people speak to when the contact the Ombuds Office at the University of Colorado, Boulder. She has worked at the university since 1978 in service, academic and administrative areas, and has gained a broad understanding of the campus structure and culture. Recently, Chancellor G.P. "Bud" Peterson named Canino one of six Employees of the Year. (Inside CU Awards; Spotlight.)

The value of knowledgeable and diligent support staff for an Ombuds cannot be understated. Whether they are called administrative assistants, office managers, case coordinators or something else, Ombuds rely on their staff for much more than administrative support. Experienced staff provide valuable insights into organizational politics and history, and enhance Ombuds problem solving, outreach and upward feedback. Having worked in a solo office without support, I can personally attest to the critical benefit of partnering with administrative staff. Congratulations to Canino and the CU-Boulder Ombuds Office, and a heartfelt thanks to all of the individuals working with Ombuds to improve their organizations.

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