October 07, 2009

NHL Ombuds Under Scrutiny for Role in Firing of Director

Reports out of the National Hockey League reveal that players are concerned about the recent ouster of Paul Kelly, the Player's Association Executive Director, and the role of the Ombuds. Kelly was fired August 31, 2009 after the NHLPA Executive Board heard criticism from several sources, including interim Ombuds Buzz Hargrove. Since then, it has been revealed that Hargrove reviewed private emails between Kelly and a player, allegedly a violation of the union's rules. In his defense, Hargrove said that the emails were provided by a union employee as evidence of Kelly's misconduct. Moreover, Hargrove explained that reading the emails were an appropriate part of his investigation as the Ombuds. Nonetheless, media outlets are speculating that Hargrove will be asked to resign soon. (Boston Globe-Bruins Blog; Toronto Globe and Mail; Toronto Star; The Hockey News.)

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