November 21, 2012

Journal of IOA Spotlights Solo Practice

The just-released issue of the Journal of International Ombudsman Association looks at the concerns and challenges of solo practice. Editor (and solo practitioner himself) David Miller explains:
As if it were not difficult enough being in the centre of other people's storms, holding fast to principled interventions when interests and positions generate vortices of confusion and distress, so many of us in the Organizational Ombudsman world, do so alone.  How do we manage?
Articles in Volume 5, Issue 2 of the JIOA include:

  • “Reflections from the Field” by Francine Montemurro
  • “The Solo Organizational Ombudsman Practitioner…and Our Need for Colleagues…a Conversation” by Mary Rowe and Brian Bloch
  • “Mentoring Program: Integral Component of IOA’s Learning Community” by Mary Chavez Rudolf and Melissa Connell
  • “Transition in Office – A Study of Transition in the ICANN Ombudsman Office” by Frank Fowlie and Chris Lehatte
  • “Improvisation, Intuition and Spontaneity: A New Approach for the Ombuds Trainer” by Adam Barak Kleinberger; and
  • “Measuring the Impact of Organizational Conflict” by Shweta Dhiman.
 The complete issue is available online.  (JIOA.) 

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