January 14, 2015

Konflikt Dynamik: Insights on the Creation of an Ombuds Program at Petrom

The latest issue of Konflikt Dynamik, a German language magazine dedicated to the study of organizational conflict, includes an article about the Ombuds program at the largest gas and oil producer in Eastern Europe. The authors, Daniel-Remus Laes, Livia Dumitrescu, Ioana Laes-Ichim, were part of the team that set up the "PetrOmbudsman" office in 2013. 

The article, "Petr Ombudsman A new chapter operational conflict management in Romania" is in German and behind a paywall, but an English summary is available:
The article is a report on the implementation of the first organisational ombudsman office in a Romanian company. It sheds light on the background of the idea and shows the specifics of the implementation concept. Starting from the organisational embedding, over the operation principles and on to the communication measures, the authors identify success criteria that can be an orientation help for other implementation projects.
(Konflikt Dynamik.)

Tip of the hat to John Zinsser.

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