February 05, 2015

IOA Posts Agenda for Tenth Annual Conference

The International Ombudsman Association will mark its tenth anniversary at an annual conference in Atlanta, April 19-22.  Here's an overview of the conference which will be held at the Sheraton Atlanta:

Sunday, April 19

Welcome Reception for Ombuds New to the Profession & First-Time Attendees

Welcome Reception for All Attendees

Monday, April 20


Continental Breakfast for All Conference Attendees

Conference Welcome and Opening Remarks

Mary Rowe Keynote Address, by David Miller

Plenary: Working with Leadership: Rethinking IOA Standards of Practice, Howard Gadlin, Wayne Blair, Francine Montemurro and Tom Sebok

Session with the IOA Board

Volunteer Recognition Luncheon for All Conference Attendees

Concurrent Session 1

1. An Ombuds with a Purpose, Reese Ramos
2. The Ombudsman’s Leadership to Promote an Institutional Culture of Tolerance, Inclusiveness and Respect, José Martinez-Aragon and Dolores Gόmez-Morán
3. Meanings of Visitor’s Spirituality or Religion for the Ombuds’ Problem Solving, Frank Baskind
4. Promoting Responsible Bystander Actions, Tom Sebok, Mary Rowe, Loraleigh Keashly and Jessica Kuchta-Miller
5. Benchmarking: Using Data and Analysis to Compare Ombuds Operations in the Corporate Sector, Jackie Osborne
6. Systems Basics for Ombuds, Jan Morse, Howard Gadlin and Wendell Jones

Concurrent Session 2

7. Ombuds Don’t Dare Ask: Self-Advocacy and the Ombuds Role, Indumati Sen and Dawn Osborne-Adams
8. What Would You Do? A Discussion of Practice Dilemmas for Ombudspersons, Donna Douglass Williams, Bob Hosea, Dolores Gόmez-Morán, Melissa Connell, Lynne Chaillat, Ronnie Thompson and Mary Beth Stevens
9. Conflict Transformation in the Workplace, Dawn Miller Sander
10. Running and Expansion of a Global Ombuds Office, Devyani Singh, Ilene Butensky, Terry Boudreau, Sophia Qiao and Gennette Tripani
11. When Conflict is Good, Mindy Eaves
12. Working with the Whole Person: Verbal and Non-Verbal Techniques for Working with Visitors, Kirsi Aulin and Caroline Adams

IOA 10th Anniversary Celebration at World of Coca-Cola at Pemberton Place

Tuesday, April 21


Continental Breakfast for All Conference Attendees

Keynote Address: Restorative Justice—Addressing the Harm: A Role for Organizational Ombuds, Janine Geske

Plenary: Suicide Prevention in the Workplace for Ombuds Professionals, Elisa Enriquez

IOA Annual Business Meeting (IOA members only)

Lunch for All Conference Attendees / Lunch for Ombuds New to the Profession & First-Time Attendees

Concurrent Session 3

13. Applying Psychological Acronyms in Ombuds: Theoretical & Research Based Interventions, Brittany Linton
14. Participating in Meetings and on Committees, Andrew Larratt-Smith, John Armijo and Dawn Osborne-Adams
15. Growing Pains: Sustainable Growth and Development of the Ombudsman’s Office, Cindy Foster and Jasmine Abraham
16. Coaching Leaders and Executives When the Going Gets Rough, Samantha Levine-Finley
17. Awaken the Fire Within: Emotional State Management in Conflict, Reese Ramos
18. Perception of the Ombudsman Role in the Asia Pacific Region, Nicholas Diehl, Indumati Sen, Gigi Alejandro, Sophia Qiao and David Miller

Concurrent Session 4

19. Thinking Theoretically: A Step to Doing Research on Ombuds Practices, Shereen Bingham
20. OM-budsing: Mindful Ombuds Practice through Buddhist Teachings, Caitlan Hendrickson
21. The Psychology of Conflict and “Crucial Conversations”, Caroline Adams and Kirsi Aulin
22. Doing Restorative Justice in the Workplace, Janine Geske and Kerry Egdorf
23. Intentional Evolution of an Ombudsman Program, Peter Bonne Eriksen
24. Beyond the Frontiers of Harassment Intervention, Doris Campos-Infantino and Howard Gadlin

Pecha Kucha Cocktail Hour, Facilitated by Howard Gadlin and Nicholas Diehl

Wednesday, April 22


Continental Breakfast for All Conference Attendees

Keynote Address: War and Peace Among the Primates, Frans B.M. de Waal, PhD

Plenary: Do We Matter: Lessons from Title IX, Moderator: Marcia Martinez-Helfman; Panelists: Sean Banks, Wayne Blair, CO-OP, Howard Gadlin

Plenary: Ombudsman in Conflict: Shoemaker’s Children, Doris Compos-Infantino and Howard Gadlin

Networking Lunch

Concurrent Session 5

25. Examining the Potential for Restorative Questioning in Ombuds Practice, Shannon Burton and Kim Fulbright
26. Seeing Conflict Through the Lens of Human Movement, Katherine Greenwood
27. Working with High Conflict People, Kevin Coonrod
28. Responding to Problems Relating to Sexual Misconduct on Campus, Howard Gadlin, Marcia Martinez-Helfman, Andrew Larratt-Smith and Karen Connolly
29. Integrating into Your Organization and Adding Value: Organizational Ombuds Office and its Impact on a Corporation’s Social Responsibility Program, Bonnie Bonnivier, Melanie Lewis, Melinda Miner, Sean Banks and Jackie Osborne
30. Elevating Individual Issues to Policy Concerns, Sarah Klaper

Concurrent Session 6

31. Does Positivity Really Matter? Making the Case for the Positive Ombuds, Vikram Kapoor, Andrew Larratt-Smith, Tom Kosakowski and Willem Kweens
32. The Dynamic Listener — Being Wise Beyond Your Ears, Rick Anderson
33. Surfacing and Engaging Issues of Identity, David Michael
34. Annual Report: Presenting Your Annual Report to Administrators and Faculty, Karey Barnes, Paul Hernandez and Maria Alonso
35. Dealing with Difficult Behaviors, Clients, Staff or Administration, Cindy Englert and Hillary Kaylor

Final Remarks/Conclusion of Conference


  1. I fight with the formatting of this post every year.

    1. There are some misspelled names, too.
      -Angry Ombuds

    2. I copied the agenda directly from the IOA site. I've tried to correct a couple of names. Let me know what I've missed.

  2. There are some missing names as well.