February 17, 2015

Meet the New Ombuds at Universitat de València

Elena Grau was recently installed as the Ombudsman at the University of Valencia, one of Spain's leading academic institutions. In an interview, Grau explained that her role is to protect the rights and freedoms of university stakeholders. She works to uphold the rules and ethical principals of the University, by providing advice, guidance, mediation, and recommendations for resolutions.
Grau stressed that she guarantees confidentiality for claimants. During the 2013-14 academic year, the VU Ombudsman handled 165 matters, an increase of 21% from the prior year. 

Grau is a professor of Geography and History, and has held a variety of administrative positions, including University Secretary, and Vice Dean and Dean of the Faculty, and member of the Governing Council and the Board of Trustees. (UV Blog, UV Ombuds.)

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