August 28, 2015

Georgia State University Ombuds 2015 Symposium to Focus on Forgiveness

This year, the annual conflict resolution symposium hosted by the GSU Office of the Ombudsperson will explore the nature, significance, and practices of forgiveness. Ombuds Director Kelley Alexander has designed a program for the wider community of professionals and others interested in the intersection of conflict resolution, restorative justice, and forgiveness and reconciliation. The Symposium will take place on Friday, October 16, 2015.

The theme “Forgiveness: Path to Reconciliation” will be highlighted by the following sessions:
  • Keynote: Forgiveness is a Process by Daniel Trust, a Rwandan genocide survivor and founder of the Daniel Trust Foundation, a Connecticut-based non-profit organization;
  • Experiential Workshop in Restorative Justice by David Karp, Professor of Sociology and Director of the Project on Restorative Justice at Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, NY;
  • Forgiveness: An Experiential & Action-Based Approach by Anne Keeton, a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist and Certified Life Coach;
  • From Murderer to Peacemaker by John Lash, executive director of Georgia Conflict Center in Athens, GA;
  • A Biological Perspective on Forgiveness and Reconciliation by Doug Yarn, who teaches alternative dispute resolution and directs the Inter-University Consortium on Negotiation and Conflict Resolution;
  • Poster Session: Forgiveness is a Journey by Dethra U. Giles, author, "performance optimizer, and distraction assassin"; and
  • Poster Session: Emotional Intelligence for Restorative Justice by Dr. Jean Kennedy, an Organizational Psychologist.
(GSU Ombuds 2015 Symposium.)

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