August 19, 2015

African Development Bank Ombuds Publishes 2014 Summary

Amabel Orraca-Ndiaye, who heads the AfDB Office of the Ombudsman & Mediation Services, says that her office handled 77 cases in 2014, a decrease of about 46% from the prior year. Orraca-Ndiaye attributed the decline improvements in the formal dispute systems. 

She also pointed out that the Bank, including the Ombuds office, was impacted by the Ebola outbreak that necessitated the "physical movement and settlement of hundreds of staff with their families and their work stations in Abidjan" and the closure of three field offices. She also reported that 99% of all the cases handled were closed within an average of four weeks, which exceeded the program goals. In addition to statistical information, the report also presents systemic issues and upward feedback in seven different areas. (AfDB Ombuds 2014 Report.)

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