December 02, 2021

Khazar University Introduces New Ombuds

In March of this year, Aytaj Ibrahimli was selected as the Ombudsman for Xəzər Universiteti, the private university in Baku, Azerbaijan. Along with a new website, she has initiated a number of steps to build awareness among the 2,000 students on campus. Ibrahimli has been meeting with each of the university's colleges and is conducting an anonymous survey to gauge students' concerns. The goal of her office is "to provide a confidential space for students to express their problems, find solutions and solve problems ... in a confidential, informal and impartial manner to ensure accountability and fair treatment." [Google translation.] (Khazar University Ombuds; News.)

Since 2018, most large universities in Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Ukraine have created Ombuds programs as part of a plan to adopt European practices (The Bologna Process: Advocacy Establishment for Students through Ombudsman Position ("AESOP")). Some are more Classical in nature and some are more similar to Organizational Ombuds.

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