April 28, 2017

ENOHE Announces Agenda for 2017 Annual Conference

The European Network of Ombudsmen in Higher Education has announced the agenda for its 13th Annual Conference in Strasbourg, France on June 28 - 30, 2017: "Higher Education Ombudsmen as Beacons: Towards a Fair and Transparent European Higher Education Area."

Wednesday 28 June: Workshops

Pre-conference Workshops I
  • Concurrent Workshop 1
    “How should I …? And why do you …?” Professional Development through Case Consultation -- Jenna Brown, Wolf Hertlein
  • Concurrent Workshop 2
    Diverse Clientele, Diverse Methods, Diverse Solutions: How to Deal with Vulnerable Students’ Complaints -- Josef Leidenfrost, Doris Kiendl
Pre-conference Workshops II
  • Concurrent Workshop 3
    Students and Supervisors: Supporting Professional Relationships in Challenging Circumstances -- Jean Grier, Michel Villiard
  • Concurrent Workshop 4
    Managing Unacceptable Complainants’ / Visitors’ Behaviours in HE Ombudsman Schemes: Examples from England/Wales, Austria, Spain and Canada. How to Adopt them for your Own Work Environment. -- Judy Clements, Josef Leidenfrost, Marta Elena Alonso de la Varga, Martine Conway

Thursday 29 June: Challenges I

Plenary I and Opening Ceremony

Welcome Addresses
  • Lotte-Madlen Tittor, European Parliament
  • Othmar Karas, Member of the European Parliament
  • Josef Siegele, Secretary General of the European Ombudsman Institute
  • Madame Sophie Béjean, Rectrice de l’académie de Strasbourg
Keynote I
The European Ombudsman: For an Ethical and Transparent EU Administration -- Emily O‘Reilly, European Ombudsman, Strasbourg

Plenary II
Current Challenges for Ombudsmen in Higher Education: A Round Table

  • Are Students Nowadays Too Demanding? Main Academic Problems Resulting from the Lack of Shared Definition of Students’ Roles. An Example from the University of Warsaw -- Anna Cybulko
  • Challenges for Higher Education: Is there a Communication Gap between Ombudsmen and Students? Comments from Australia -- Patty Kamvounias
  • Current Challenges for Higher Education Ombudsmen: A Perspective from England and Wales -- Judy Clements

Thursday 29 June: Challenges II

Concurrent Sessions I
Ombudsmen and Diversity on Campus
  • Concurrent Session 1 (Chair: Jean Grier)
    Dealing with Sexualized Violence: Problems, Solutions and New Challenges -- Martine Conway
    Diversity, Equal Opportunity and Inclusiveness – a Shared Approach at Leiden University -- Nirupa Shantiprekash, Eugène van der Heijden
  • Concurrent Session 2 (Chair: Josef Leidenfrost)
    The Austrian University Act and the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities: Experiences from the Department for Disability Affairs of the University of Innsbruck -- Elisabeth Rieder
    The Role of the University Ombudsperson in the Protection of the Rights of Students with Learning Disabilities with an Emphasis on Students with ADHD- the Israeli Experience -- Daniel More
Concurrent Sessions II
Students as Customers, Consumers or Co-Learners?
  • Concurrent Session 3 (Chair: Anna Cybulko)
    National and Local Ombudsman Offices in Austria: Similarities and Differences in their Activities and Responsibilities -- Nathalie Podda
    Student Ombudsman as Mechanism for Protecting Student Rights in Macedonia -- Aleksandra Zhivkovikj
    How the Consumer Protection Act has been Applied in a Canadian Higher Education Institution -- Nora Farrell
  • Concurrent Session 4 (Chair: Jean Grier)
    Students‘ Rights and Duties: Who Defends them Better: Student Unions or Student Ombudsmen? -- Michael Gruber
    The Student Ombudsman: What We Do and How We Do It in Portugal -- Paula Cristina Martins
ENOHE Business Meeting

Friday 30 June: Responses II

Concurrent Sessions IV
Ombudsmen as a Profession: Innovative Approaches
  • Concurrent Session 7 (Chair: Nora Farrell)
    Crowd Intelligence among Academic Complaint/Issue Handlers: Views from Both Sides of the Atlantic -- Nicole Föger, Josef Leidenfrost, Roberto Sanchez Castañeda
    AESOP: The Importance of the Advocacy Establishment for Students at Universities in Azerbaijan, Georgia and Ukraine -- Rima Mammadova
  • Concurrent Session 8 (Chair: Robert Behrens)
    Working Professionally Without Being a Professional Ombudsperson: The Spanish Model -- Marta Elena Alonso, José Manuel Palazón, Argimiro Rojo
    The Professional Ombudsman in Higher Education: An Attitude and Action -- Wolf Hertlein
Keynote IV
Diversity and Ombudspersons: The Way Ahead -- Mary Tupan-Wenno, Executive Director
ECHO, Center for Diversity Policy, The Hague

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