January 13, 2022

LinkedIn Discussion Group Offers Independent Forum for All Ombuds

Established in October 2021, OmbudsLinked has become an important place for all types of practicing Ombuds (regardless of model, sector, standards of practice, etc.) to gather, network, share information and ideas, build camaraderie, and unite the profession. Moreover, OmbudsLinked is independent and not affiliated with any of the Ombuds professional associations. The closed, LinkedIn group is moderated by Caroline Adams, Elizabeth Hill, and Jennifer Mahony.

Each week, OmbudsLinked offers regular themes:
  • Provocation Tuesday – a weekly post to get us thinking more deeply about how we work and how that changes depending on what we do and where we do it.
  • Reflection Thursday – a weekly reflection prompt to help us share our experiences and insights about the Ombuds Life.
  • Funny Friday – share jokes, cartoons, and anecdotes about the Ombuds Life (and remember: no identifiable details and if you’d be uncomfortable with your kids or your parents hearing/seeing it, then best not to share).
Recently, the group hosted a winter holiday trivia hour and social hour to welcome the new year. Group members are encouraged to engage with the posts and share their own ideas. This might include posting articles of interest, questions, polls, events, job postings, etc. (OmbudsLinked at LinkedIn; Twitter, YouTube.)

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