January 04, 2022

Ombuds Offers Insights on "The Great Resignation"

Ombuds have seen firsthand the change in communities, personal lives, and organizations brought on by the Covid pandemic. While the mandates to work from home are slowly lifting, and the transition to a hybrid work place is gradually taking place, employees have recognized that working is simply an option. Government assistance and working for companies that offer decent wages by the hour have created new jobs for individuals seeking flexibility. All of which has resulted in an economic phenomenon called "The Great Resignation." In an interview with Authority Magazine at Medium.com, Ombuds Bina Patel, shares strategies on how employers and employees can work together to mitigate the impact of The Great Resignation. Among the top five strategies, Patel suggests is to put 'people first' by establishing an Organizational Ombuds program. (Medium.)

Patel is the principal in the consulting company Transformational Paradigms. Previously, she was the Ombudsman for a federal agency that prefers a low profile. She graduated from the University of Floriday, and earned a MBA and PhD (Conflict Resolution and Peacekeeping Analysis) at Nova Southeastern University. (LinkedIn.)

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