January 28, 2010

Friday Poll: What was Your Path to an Ombuds Job?

There is no clear path to an Ombuds position. There are no established educational criteria or mandatory certification for Organizational Ombuds. Instead, many people seem to fall into the position from related jobs or from within the organization. This may be changing, for better or worse, with the emergence of Ombuds courses within conflict resolution degree programs and the prospect of a credible certification scheme. So, what was your job before you became an Ombuds (or, for those looking for a position, what is your current job)?


  1. Results:
    Academic 7 (15%)
    Attorney 6 (13%)
    Clergy 0 (0%)
    Human Resources 7 (15%)
    Mediator 9 (20%)
    Therapist 2 (4%)
    Other 13 (29%)

  2. Susan Casino5/14/2010 10:01 AM

    This was a great poll question. Is it possible that you offer it again within 2010? From my personal encounters with colleagues in the field, I gathered that our backgrounds were primarily Law/Mediation/Counseling....the HR background and Other has me curious. Also, might we breakdown the "other" category for more detail? Thanks Tom!