January 05, 2010

Princeton Ombuds Offers Online Conflict Coaching Tool

Bill Warters at the Campus-ADR Tech Blog notes that the Princeton University Ombuds has updated the website:
A feature of special interest is the Online Conflict Management Coach tutorial. The flash-based tutorial explains some key concepts about conflict ... and then walks the viewer through a series of questions about a current conflict you may be involved in. Based on your responses, a recommendation of a strategy is provided, along with some tips on how that strategy might be carried out effectively. The viewer is introduced to the various conflict management styles and the potential pros and cons of each. The "online coach" tool appears to be free for use by folks both on and off campus, providing a great resource to promote self-reflection or to prepare for a shared conversation about handling a difficult situation.
(Campus-ADR Tech Blog; Princeton Ombuds Office.)

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The original version of this post mistakenly indicated that the Online Management Coach tutorial was created by the current Princeton Ombuds, DA Graham. In fact, the tool was developed and launched by Camilo Azcarate before he moved to the World Bank. I apologize for this error.

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