March 23, 2010

Civil Rights Group Endorses New Ombuds Office at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, a non-profit group that advocates for civil liberties in academia, has hailed the opening of an Ombuds office at California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo.

Adam Kissel, Director of FIRE's Individual Rights Defense Program, said:
If this office is essentially like the one on Cal Poly's sister campus in Pomona, it promises to be an excellent addition to the services available at Cal Poly. ... I met with Ms. Ponce when I visited Cal Poly a few weeks ago. I informed her that several years ago, I interviewed and evaluated candidates for the University of Chicago's now 42-year-old, awkwardly named Office of the Student Ombudsperson and that I know from personal experience that such offices can be very successful. So long as Cal Poly sticks with a fully neutral mission, I wish much success to the Ombudses (yes, that is the plural form) at Cal Poly.

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  1. FIRE is often a critic of university administrators so this is a significant endorsement.