March 14, 2010

Making Smart Choices in New Orleans

A timely article from offers advice on what not to do in New Orleans. So if you're attending the IOA conference in about three weeks, here are some things to keep in mind:

  1. Don't ... Spend the night on Bourbon, Instead ... Head to Frenchmen Street and the lesser-known watering holes;
  2. Don't ... Buy or wear beads all year, Instead ... Experience Carnival in all its glory; 
  3. Don't ... Spring for a carriage ride, Instead ... Walk around the Quarter or take the streetcar;
  4. Don't ... Look for Cajun food, Instead ... Embrace the Creole canon;
  5. Don't ... Fear the tuba, Instead ... Seek out the local brass bands;
  6. Don't ... Eat a Lucky Dog, Instead ... Have late night dinner at the Verti Marte;
  7. Don't ... Swelter in the summertime, Instead ... Take on the subtropical temperatures or wait for the cool-down;
  8. Don't ... Get bamboozled by voodoo, boas, and beads, Instead ... Shop the length of Magazine Street;
  9. Don't ... Fear the oyster, Instead ... Belly up to the city's best raw bars; and
  10. Don't ... Forget the hidden scars of Katrina, Instead ... Volunteer and listen to the locals' stories.

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