November 05, 2012

Related Job Posting: Baker Hughes

The oilfield services company has an opening for an o3 (Organizational Ombuds Office) Coordinator in North Houston, TX. The position work with visitors during the intake process and help market the o3 program to managers and employees under the supervision of o3 Principal/Ombuds.

Preferred qualifications include a masters degree and prior experience working in an Organizational Ombuds office and/or completion of IOA's Foundations training (formerly known as Ombuds 101. Closing date and salary not indicated. (Baker Hughes Jobs, job no. 1225233.)

Over six months ago, Baker Hughes recruited three Ombuds for a new program, but has not released any details since then.

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  1. Hey, that's right. Who got those jobs? There should be more follow up on jobs that get filled. (imho)
    -Angry Ombuds

  2. I do the best with what I can. If there's no public announcement, then there's nothing I can post on this blog. Many corporations keep employee resources, such as Ombuds Offices, behind a firewall so there's no way of knowing much about them.