March 19, 2013

IOA Conference Organizers Seek Testimonials

The 8th Annual IOA Conference Committee is fast approaching and the Conference Committee wants you to be a part of it. Last year there were displays with testimonials on the value and purpose of the Organizational Ombudsman role. (These are now available on the IOA website.) This year the committee wants to hear from you, the practicing Ombuds, and they are inviting you to share with the world why being an Ombuds is so great. 

Tell attendees why you are doing this. Do you feel you are changing the world? Do you feel better at night? Do you think it’s crazy others want to join your ranks? It can be a deep and meaningful comment or a lighthearted or funny anecdote. These messages will be displayed throughout the conference space again, it will be a nice way to remind each other why this IS the best profession in the world. Send your message to Anamaris (anamaris [dot] cousins [at-sign] halliburton [dot] com), just be sure to specify if we should list your name listed on the display. 

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