October 10, 2013

Interview With Stony Brook Ombuds

Judi Segall, University Ombudsman at Stony Brook University was interviewed for her campus newsletter. She explained the role and function of her office, and also offered training recommendations for aspiring Ombuds. Segal also revealed why she is an Ombuds: 

I chose to do this work for a variety of reasons — but most importantly because I believe it makes a significant and positive difference to the organization in which you work and to the individuals with whom you work. To support the enhanced capacities of individuals and organizations to manage conflict constructively (not destructively) is a valuable and worthwhile pursuit. When I work with students I know our engagements are a form of education and learning for them — fostering skills that will help them become “peace builders” and proponents of constructive conflict management. The same applies to working with faculty and staff. While challenging, and never easy, it is extremely rewarding work that I have always felt privileged to do. 
Segall has the distinction of serving as President of UCOA, TOA and IOA.  (Stony Brook News.)

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