October 25, 2013

Job Posting: Xerox

The U.S.-based multinational document management company is hiring an HR Director / Ombudsman to be based in Lewisville, Texas. According to the posting: "The organizational ombudsman functions as part of the company’s dispute resolution program to assist in the informal resolution of workplace conflict. * * * This role is also to include background investigation adjudication for Xerox Services." [Emphasis added.]

Applicants must have at least a bachelor’s degree and experience in employee relations, mediation, ombuds, or other alternative dispute resolution field. In addition, Certified Organizational Ombudsman Practitioner designation is desired. No application deadline or salary indicated. (Xerox Jobs.)


  1. I don't think there could be a worst dual-hatted role. It is impossible to serve the duties of an HR director and serve as an ombudsman according to its standards. I would caution certified ombuds from applying because you probably couldn't get recertified in this role.

    C'mon companies...really take the time to think it through!

  2. I know the person that took this role. They are doing no HR work, only Ombud's work and meet the requirements of the role. Changes have been made.