October 28, 2013

Job Posting: Arizona Department of Economic Security

The State of Arizona agency that provides social support services is hiring an Assistant Ombudsman. The part-time position: "handles concerns and issues on behalf of the Director ... in an informal, confidential, neutral, and non-partisan manner; encounters situations where no clear criteria or standard exist and must use analytical skills to make a sound and fair recommendation; take into consideration all sides of an issue and have the expertise to independently determine the best resolution and possess the mediating skills to help all parties toward that resolution; facilitates mediations," etc.

Applicants should have at least three years of administrative experience or a master’s degree, and certification as a mediator or forty hours mediation training or one year of experience in the area of mediation and or conflict management. The position pays $16.07 to $28.76 per hour. Applications are due November 8. (AZ State Jobs.)

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