February 12, 2015

Call for Presenters: Summer Academic Ombuds Meeting

The 13th Annual Summer Academic Ombuds Meeting Planning Committee invites the submission of abstracts for interactive discussions at the 2015 meeting.  The conference is returning to its original location at Northern Illinois University on July 26-17, 2015.  It provides an opportunity for academic ombuds to become better acquainted, to share concerns unique to our professional environments, and to support and learn from each other’s experiences in a relatively-intimate setting. 

To apply to speak at the Summer Academic Ombuds Meeting, please submit a short, 1-2 paragraph description of your topic, the format of your talk, and the length required (20 minutes to 1.5 hours). The Planning Committee strongly prefers interactive discussions and audience participation. Topics are limited to those relevant to academic Ombuds, but can relate to anything in that realm, including
  • Challenges facing academic ombuds 
  • Ombuds as change agents 
  • Ombuds as leaders 
Organizers promise fun will be had by all. Please submit your proposal to Sarah Klaper (sklaper@niu.edu) no later than March 13, 2015.

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