April 15, 2015

Duke Considers Moving Ombuds Office to IOA Standards

A task force of the Academic Council at Duke University has been evaluating the differences between its Faculty Ombuds program and those of other "top 20 universities."  The report concludes that Duke's "faculty ombudsperson program is unique," especially in light of the fact that virtually all of the comparison group adhered to IOA standards. 

The report attached a memo from Duke's Office of Counsel (written Feb. 2, 2014), that reviews the critical tenets of confidentiality, informality, neutrality or impartiality, and independence at Princeton, Harvard, Columbia,  Stanford, MIT, Penn, Dartmouth, Washington University St. Louis, Cornell, Brown, and Berkeley.  The task force also interviewed David Rasch, Stanford University, Brad Holland, University of Virginia, and Laurie Mesibov, UNC Chapel Hill. (Duke Faculty Ombuds Review Committee.)

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