September 30, 2016

IOA Members Vote to Change Bylaws

Members of the International Ombudsman Association have, for the first time, voted to update their bylaws to revise membership categories and restructure eligibility for Board service.  The vote culminates years of work by IOA leaders to make membership more inclusive while safeguarding professional standards.  Similar proposals have twice been rejected by the membership before this first-ever revision of the association's bylaws.  Here's the full announcement from IOA Board President, Reese Ramos:

Dear Friends of the International Ombudsman Association,
It is with pleasure that I write to inform you of the outcome of the Membership Categories vote.
After determining that a quorum was reached at a Meeting of the Association held on Thursday, September 29, 2016, the votes, both in person and by proxy, were tallied.
A majority approved the amendments to the bylaws that involve a change in the IOA membership categories and eligibility for service on the IOA Board. I want to thank all who have contributed to this effort. Specifically, the Membership Categories Task Force and everyone who provided feedback and input via the surveys, town hall meetings, and at the Seattle conference. Additionally, I want to acknowledge my colleagues on the IOA Board for collectively undertaking this project and introducing a new chapter in our Association. Finally, a special thanks to our management company, Kellen, for all their work in guiding and supporting the work of IOA.
In the coming weeks we will keep you informed as to the implementation of the revised bylaws and how these changes might impact the upcoming membership dues and renewal process.
I thank you for your continued commitment to IOA and look forward to the road ahead.
IOA Board President 2016 - 2017

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