September 29, 2016

IOA and Eaton Corp to Host Ombuds Conference in Puerto Rico

The International Ombudsman Association's Regional Advisory Committee for Latin America and the Eaton Corporation are sponsoring an Organizational Ombudsman Conference in Las Piedras on October 12-14, 2016. The free event will have the theme of “Building a Profession to Make a Difference.” The conference will feature several prominent Ombuds and experts.

Sessions and presenters:

  • Evolution of the Role of the Ombudsman in Latin America and the Caribbean, Dr. Leoncio Lara (former Defensoría at Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México);
  • Promoting the Values of Respect in our Organization: A Model on Initiative of Respect in the Workplace, Dolores Gómez-Moran (Ombudsman for Pan American Health Organization);
  • Using Empathetic Conversation in the Work of the Ombudsman, Based on “Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction”, Dr. Francisco Espejo (United Nations Regional Ombudsman for Latin America and the Caribbean);
  • Evaluating the Program of the Ombudsman in the Organization, María Clara Jiménez (Ombudsman at Scotiabank);
  • Panel: How to Promote the Role of the Ombudsman in our Organization and in Latin America and the Caribbean Region?, Gennette Trípari (Ombuds for Latin America at Eaton) and Maribel Pérez (Student Ombuds at the University of Puerto Rico, Medical Sciences Campus);
  • Confidentiality: How to Work with it When we Facilitate a Case in our Organization, José Martínez (Ombudsman for the World Health Organization); and
  • Emotional Intelligence as a Tool for the Ombudsman, Dra. Mildred Negrón (Professor at the Inter American University of Puerto Rico).

(IOA RAC-LAC Conf Info.)

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