June 12, 2008

Job Posting: Simon Frazer University

The Canadian university in British Columbia is accepting applications for an Ombuds to work with undergraduate and graduate students. Applicants should have a master’s degree, with a minimum of five years of related experience (or equivalent), and a comprehensive understanding of issues in higher education. The job pays $61,924 - $73,949 (CDN), and applications are due June 16. The position is vacant due to the death of Laurine Margaret Harrison, who passed away suddenly from a heart attack in June 2007. Historically, the office has operated in compliance with USOA standards. (SFU Jobs; e.Peak News; e.Peak News.)

1 comment:

  1. Actually, the position is not vacant at SFU. I am David Evans, the Ombudsperson and have been since September, 2007. Cheers. David