June 05, 2008

National Association of Corporate Directors Newsletter Touts Ombuds as Essential for Effective Board Governance

NACD, the national organization that promotes corporate board standards, publishes a monthly newsletter for its 17,500 members and customers. The latest issue of Directors Monthly features an article by Jonathan E. McBride and James S. Hostetler, "Board Champions for the Ombudsman." The authors argue that Organizational Ombuds are one of the most powerful governance tools available to corporate boards achieve best practices in governance, risk management, and compliance:
To practice governance and risk management powerfully and effectively, CEOs, boards, and audit committee chairs must integrate effective ombuds programs into the DNA of twenty-first century corporations. Ultimately, directors should become "champions" for the critical role organizational ombudsmen can play in corporate America.

Directors Monthly, via McBride Associates; NACD.)

This is an outstanding article from a credible source that can be used to promote and defend Ombuds in any organization with a governing board.

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