June 21, 2008

UC Santa Barbara Whistleblower Policy Now Protects Ombuds

The University of California, Santa Barbara just published Implementing Procedures for its Whistleblower Policy. The policy specifically states:
The Office of the Ombuds is not required to report the matter pursuant to this policy. Therefore, discussing an issue with the Office of the Ombuds does not constitute formal notice to the University.

This language is significant because it increases the likelihood that the UCSB Ombuds will be able to successfully argue that it is not an office of notice. (UCSB Whistleblower.)

So far as I can tell, UCSB is the only University of California campus that specifically addresses this relationship between the Ombuds and the Whistleblower. On a related note, university-wide policy exempts UC Ombuds from reporting allegations of sexual harassment. (UCOP Policy, see § F.)

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