November 29, 2010

OO Blogger Predicts Growing Work for Ombuds in 2011

In his latest post at the Organizational Ombudsman Blog, Clayton Gilman finds reason to be optimistic about the Ombuds field next year. He believes the current economic conditions provide opportunity and a demand for Ombuds working with individuals, groups and small organizations.

The trend is going to continue and has already begun exponentially escalating where complaints and grievances from lower and middle-income Americans need a voice with government and corporate entities. The paradigm shift from expensive and damaging formal legal services to ombudsman ADR is well underway and beginning next year we will see more formal groups and structures advocate and develop access for informal mediation. We are experiencing and observing a flood of legal issues people are facing as attempts over the last two years by governments, state and federal, to provide a system to resolve economic hardship issues failed or there was never enough capacity in the system to provide equal access.
Gilman also urges Ombuds not already at “capacity” to consider expanding their scope and doing community outreach and serving outsiders during these austere times. (Organizational Ombudsman Blog.)

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