November 10, 2010

Ombuds Summarize Workplace Bullying Concerns

In the September issue of the Labor and Employment Relations Association newsletter, Lydia Cummings and Mary Rowe write about what they have heard -- directly and from other Organizational Ombuds -- about bullying at work. Cummings and Rowe report on words used to describe people perceived as bullies; behaviors of (alleged) bullies; what (alleged) targets feel; and experiences reported by (alleged) targets.

In addition, the Ombuds offer some suggestions for employers of alleged bullies. They say that, "Employers should address complaints of bullying fairly—with regard to the rights of all who are involved—and in a timely manner." Cummings is the Ombuds for Harvard University; and Rowe is the Ombuds at MIT. (LERA via MIT Ombuds.)

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