November 18, 2010

Job Posting: Transportation Security Administration

The TSA is hiring an Ombudsman Customer Representative for its office in Arlington, VA. The position will report directly to the TSA Ombuds or designee and will assess the primary interests of parties in a workplace disputes and develop options for resolution based on those interests. The position is open only to US citizens or nationals, and requires up to 25% travel.

Applicants must have a doctoral degree in a related field or the equivalent work experience. The position pays $48,891-$75,752 per year and applications are due December 1, 2010. (Federal Government Jobs, Job Ann. No.: HQ-OSC-10-289163.)

For an entry-level Ombuds job, this position requires a high level of education and experience. Most federal Ombuds positions that demand an advanced degree or work experience are classified GS-13 and pay $62,000-$115,000 per year. (Recent GS-13 job postings: BATF; FDIC; OPM; FSA; FDA; FBI; NIH.)

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  1. Thankless task....especially in the current "pat-down" moment.