April 20, 2011

Interview with Northeastern University Ombuds

Donna M. Bishop, the first Ombudsperson at Northeastern, answers three questions about her new role. First off, she explains why it is important for a college or university to have an Ombuds. 

She says:
Having an ombuds demonstrates an organization’s commitment to the quality of the work environment. It’s also a very cost-effective method to identify and resolve problems within an organization. It provides an opportunity to act on problems early on, in an informal way, before people think about filing formal grievances. We are joining good company — there are many universities around the country that have an established ombuds program. Locally, they include Harvard, MIT, BU and UMass.
* * *
The ombuds is also in a position to give upward feedback to the organization about recurring issues — in a general way, without mentioning any names or situations — that could steer the organization toward considering new policies, procedures or practices.
Bishop also discusses other important aspects of the Ombuds role and what else she can do for visitors besides providing a sounding board. (News@Northwestern.)

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  1. And, she has a brand new webpage for her office: http://www.northeastern.edu/ombuds/.