April 02, 2011

Editorial Decries Loss of Portland State University Ombuds

The editorial board of the PSU Vanguard says that the decision to close the campus Ombuds Office was shortsighted and leaves the community without a valuable resource.
The Vanguard editors said:

"Ombuds is essentially being closed because it was only being weighed in terms of its monetary value, which is no way to measure the benefits of such a service. Instead, the worth of Ombuds should be weighed in terms of how it profits the mental and emotional health of the PSU community."
PSU Ombuds Sandy McDermott says that she is worried that some students will fall through the cracks. (PSU Vanguard.)

Ironically, PSU President Wim Wiewel will offer a welcome and opening remarks for the IOA conference on April 4.

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  1. Wiewel did not offer the opening remarks as initially planned.