April 11, 2011

IOA Website Gets Major Upgrade

The International Ombudsman Association rebooted its online portal this week and the result is a richer and more dynamic offering for members, aspiring Ombuds and the general public. The new webpage features a video montage of Organizational Ombuds offering greetings in several language including French, Spanish, Hindi Bengali and American Sign Language. For the first time, the IOA Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice are published in French and Spanish.

Information about the association includes board and committee membership; mission, vision and values statements; and history. Professional materials include the Journal of IOA, past newsletters and a video overview of Organizational Ombuds. The website also includes updated news and links to other resources. (IOA Home.)


  1. This is a quantum leap forward in terms of content and design. Good work IOA.

  2. Hi Tom,

    Just a quick clarification regarding language - it's Bengali, not Hindi. Thanks!