December 05, 2011

Journal of IOA Explores Issues of Confidentiality

The latest issue of the Journal of the International Ombudsman Association looks at the fundamental ethical duty of confidentiality. JIOA Editor David Miller says, “the provision of a safe place in which options for action and response can safely be heard, away from the clamour of police sirens and media-fuelled public approbation, can help to protect the individual and public interest by ensuring that matters have a greater likelihood of swift resolution.”

Articles in the current issue of JIOA include:
  • “In Whom Can We Trust?” by David Miller
  • “Protecting Confidentiality: Considerations for the Ombudsman Subjected to Adverse Publicity or a Subpoena to Testify” by Charles L. Howard
  • “Lessons Learned: A Revisit to the Garstang vs. California Institute of Technology Ruling” by Helen Hasenfeld
  • “Ombuds in a Cloud of Exabytes — Understanding the Ombuds’ Digital Trail” by Craig B. Mousin
  • “Can We Talk? Confidentiality and the Ombudsman as an Individual” by Indumati Sen
  • “What Happens to Confidentiality if the Visitor Refuses to Report Unacceptable Behavior?” by Mary Rowe
  • “Practice Note: Imminent Risk — A Serious Exception to Confidentiality” by Ilene Butensky
  • “An Ombudsman’s Role in the Face of Confidentiality Violations” by Nicholas Diehl
  • “Online Dispute Resolution and Ombudsmanship” by Frank Fowlie
  • “The Conflict Competent Organization: Assessing the Perceived Economic Value of the Corporate Ombuds Office” by Jason A. Waxman

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