December 29, 2011

Premier Education Group Opens Ombuds Office

The privately held company that operates 19 vocational education institutes in the Northeast has added a webpage for a Student Ombudsman. The site says that the role of Ombuds, "is to assist our students in addressing any concerns that weren’t resolved at the campus level." 

Premier Education Group does not indicate whether its Ombuds follows any particular standards of practice, so it is impossible to tell whether the program resembles those at other institutions of higher education or is merely a complaints office.  Wikipedia says that the company "has faced allegations of fraudulently misrepresenting school accreditations and certifications, and of unprofessional academic practices." (Premier Education Group Ombuds; Wikipedia.)


  1. Is this in response to being sued over accreditation and other fraudulent practices?

    1. I didn't find anything online about the reasons for the new program.