December 19, 2011

UK Student Services Organization Skeptical About University Ombuds

AMOSSHE says that it is not convinced UK universities can introduce campus Ombuds programs, "that genuinely inspires user confidence that they are independent of the institution." Moreover, given the complaint systems that is already in place in England and Wales, AMOSSHE is not persuaded that adding an Ombuds component would be beneficial to institutions or complainants.

The view of the UK student services organization are laid out in its response to the UK Office of the Independent Adjudicator's inquiry into conflict resolution systems. The OIA "Pathway 3 Consultation" seeks input from across the higher education sector and includes consideration of campus Ombuds programs. So far, AMOSSHE is the only stakeholder that has published its response and included comments on Ombuds. Despite its concerns about campus Ombuds, AMOSSHE also said that a regional Ombuds service deserved further discussion. (AMOSSHE Pathway 3 Consultation Response.)

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