December 08, 2011

Werner Institute Student Interns With University of Minnesota Ombuds

The latest issue of the Werner Institute Newsletter features an article about a student practicum at the University of Minnesota Student Conflict Resolution Center. Ombuds and Director of the UM SCRC, Jan Morse agreed to take on Werner student Janda Brittain as her first-ever intern.

Brittain writes:
My first priority as a member of the Ombudsman Staff at the SCRC was to work and respond to active cases. I had the opportunity to work a number of cases on my own with the assistance of the other Ombudsman. These cases ranged from issues with Financial Aid, to students accused of academic plagiarism. With each case that I took on, I learned more about a policy or procedure at the University of Minnesota.
She says the experience helped her get a better perspective on the direction of her career path. (Creighton Institute Newsletter.)

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