January 11, 2012

Interview of New Ombuds for Medical College of Wisconsin

Milwaukee Public Radio has posted its conversation with Peter Layde, the newly appointed Ombudsman for the private medical and graduate school. Layde distinguished his role from the more familiar Ombuds in media and explained how he works with faculty, staff and students.

He was drawn to the role after the new president of Medical College of Wisconsin sought to improve the climate of the school. Layde says that his feedback reflects a progressive approach to management:
I think in general there's a lot more interest in benefiting from the experience and wisdom of every not just the senior management. So this is very much an alternative to some of the traditional, hierarchical approaches to management.
Layde also says he has been busy in the part-time position. The 10-minute interview is a great overview of the profession. (WUWM Lake Effect.)

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