January 31, 2012

Job Posting: Department Of Agriculture

The USDA is hiring a Food Safety Ombudsman. According to the job posting, "The primary purpose for this position is to respond to employee concerns related to the humane handling and slaughter of animals and other duties pertaining to the food safety mission as assigned by the Under Secretary." Duties will include implementing "an employee ombudsman program aimed at identifying and facilitating resolution of substantive and administrative program management issues raised by or of concern to employees and citizens as potentially threatening food safety effectiveness."

In addition to conflict resolution skills, applicants should also have knowledge of food safety policies, structure, functions and practices of the United States' meat and poultry industries. The GS-14 position pays $96,690-$125,695.00 per year and applications are due tomorrow, February 1, 2012. Location of the position will be negotiated after appointment. (USAJobs.)

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