January 11, 2012

IOA Makes Further Upgrades to Website

The Communications Committee of the International Ombudsman Association has announced several improvements to the IOA website, which was completely revamped less than a year ago. Although most of the resources are available only to IOA members, an abridged version of "Making Ombuds Offices Accessible," is available to the public.

A full summary of the updates:
  • Making Ombuds Offices Accessible: A new resource to help ombuds make their offices accessible to those with disabilities is now posted in the Resource Library in the Members Only area of the IOA website. A limited version of this information is available on the public portion of the site under the Resources menu as well. Many thanks to Suzy Rosen Singleton of Gallaudet University and Samantha Levine-Finley of NIH for their work getting this information put together and posted.
  • Best Practices for Office Charters: This document, located in the Resource Library in the Members Only area, provides a general outline of the information that is typically included within ombudsman office charters. Many thanks to Jean Griffin of the University of Cincinnati for her work in leading this effort.
  • Effectiveness of Organizational Ombudsmen: This list, located in the Ombudsman Office Management and Administration Materials section of the Members Only area, includes a variety of recommended readings related to assessing and communicating the value and effectiveness of ombudsman offices. Many thanks to Mary Rowe of MIT for her work in putting this information together.
  • Printer-friendly option: A "printer-friendly" button has now been installed throughout the IOA site allowing members to print out pages, including The Independent Voice, in a clear, efficient format. Thanks to Samantha Levine-Finley for her work in getting this completed.
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