January 31, 2012

Ombuds Term Paper for Sale

TermpaperWarehouse is offering an essay titled, "Corporate Ombudsman." It was submitted by a user named Kwalters on January 29. Price available only to registered users. 

Here's a clip: 
In recent years, as the value of an ombudsman program has become apparent, many governmental, private sector, and academic organizations have chosen to design and implement a program. Simply stated, almost any organization can benefit from the informal dispute prevention and resolution processes offered by Ombudsmen. (Coalition of Federal Ombudsmen, 2006) Every level in an organization benefits from the neutral and unbiased guidance provided by the Ombudsman, whether it is effective and efficient conflict resolution to providing acceptable guidelines to codes of conduct within organization. The Ombudsman’s neutral position provides an opportunity for concern or complaint to be freely expressed without the fear of repercussion from others. 

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